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Hear Dan Davis chat with Alok Jha on The Guardian Science Podcast, about Wonders of the Immune System, here:
Science Weekly podcast: Daniel M Davis on the immune system's wonders

Read Tim Dowling's feature in The Guardian:
Can you smell the perfect partner?

Hear Dan Davis and his wife Katie talk about The Compatibility Gene on BBC Breakfast TV.

Watch a brief 4 minute video about compatibility genes.

Download Dan's talk on The Compatibility Gene from The Hay Festival 2014

Read an interview with Dan Davis, published by the Smithsonian Institute (USA).

See Dan talk to Manchester Schools about The Compatibility Gene

Read Dan's article 'Presenting the Marvels of Immunity', published in Nature Reviews Immunology

Read an article about writing popular science books in Nature.

Read a Profile of Dan from 'Microscopy and Analysis' magazine.

Read an article about The Compatibility Gene by Daniel Price at the British Society of Immunology:
Dan Davis – Tracing The Secret Lives of The Match-Makers...

Hear Dan's interview with Jeff Schechtman for NPR California:
What it means to be human

Hear Dan on BBC Radio Lancashire talk about The Compatibility Gene: [ mp3 ]

Hear Dan on 'The Voice of Russia': [ mp3 ]

Our research features in the Top 100 Stories of 2013 in Discover magazine.

Hear Dan on BBC Radio Lancashire from Sept 10th, 2013: [ mp3 ]

Hear Dan on Irish radio Kfm from September 27th, 2013 : [ mp3 ]

Hear Dan on Radio New Zealand

Hear Dan on USA Public Radio Oklahoma/Tulsa

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