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The Beautiful Cure: Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences

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The immune system holds the key to human health. The scientific quest to understand how it works – and how it is affected by stress, diet, sleep, age, and our state of mind – is now unlocking a revolutionary new approach to medicine and well-being.

‘Written with an irresistible blend of authority, charm and wit, The Beautiful Cure is an eye-opening tour de force of scientific writing that reads like the best kind of adventure story. As David Attenborough opens our goggling eyes to the natural world without, so Daniel Davis brings us face to face with the stunningly clever and, yes, beautiful world within – our immune system. It is a story of scientific leaps of imagination, faith and restless curiosity, one of those books that makes you look at everything human in a new, challenging and thrilling way’

"Brilliantly conveys the excitement of scientific discovery"

"The human body is the most complicated assemblage of chemicals in the known universe. It's a huge scientific challenge to understand how we metabolise, how we acquire immunity, and how drugs work. Daniel Davis is a distinguished expert in this field – and he's a fine writer too. He portrays vividly how great discoveries emerge – via prolonged effort, via cooperation and competition, and sometime sheer luck. This gripping book gives an authentic flavour of how science is actually done – and why it's important for humanity's future"

"Gives extraordinary new details of an ancient remedy that is already more marvellous, powerful and flexible than any medicine to come out of a lab"

"This book is an insight into new, remarkable and almost unnoticed advances in immunology and shows how medicine is moving on from the world of the gene to the world of the antibody"

"Forget AI, robotics, the internet of things. This is where the future feels strange and exciting: in the 'inner universe' of our immune system, and in the radically new therapies that are using it to conquer disease"

"One of the best accounts I have yet come across of the nature of biological science and discovery … Daniel Davis’s wonderful book recounts in exceptionally clear and sympathetic prose how research into the immune system in recent decades has resulted in what amounts to a health revolution … Davis’s book illustrates this wonderfully well: the immune system is a thing of great beauty and awesome complexity"
HENRY MARSH, New Statesman

"Davis relates the extraordinary modern developments in immunotherapy – the idea of somehow supercharging the body’s own immune system to fight disease, and one day maybe even eliminate cancer … The general upshot of Davis’s terrific analysis seems to be that if there’s anything in medical science that could ever count as a panacea – something to cure all ills – it would be the immune system itself … Not only a fascinating but an entertaining read"

"Thrilling … Do not underestimate the importance of immunology. This field relates to you personally"

"A sweeping tour d’horizon … lucid and entertaining … Much as Siddhartha Mukherjee did in his book The Gene, Davis expertly weaves together human stories and scientific endeavour"

"A terrific book by a consummate storyteller and scientific expert"

"New ways to treat cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other age-related diseases … Davis is a sure and engaging guide to these developments"

"An inspirational book that not only reveals the secret joys of scientific discovery but is jam-packed full of revelations for non-scientists"

"Any reader completely unfamiliar with the workings of the immune system is likely to be dumbstruck with admiration for its intricacy ... Davis's book is full of enlivening little anecdotes"

"A terrific book by a consummate storyteller and scientific expert"

"Highly readable, beautifully researched, backed up with notes, references and interviews by Davis himself, whose status as an immunology professor confers added credibility. He believes that we now know enough about the major components and interactions of the immune system to begin manipulating them to cure diseases such as cancer. We stand, he predicts, on the threshold of a medical revolution"

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