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December 2018

Dan’s book The Beautiful Cure was a Book of the Year in the TIMES, TELEGRAPH and NEW SCIENTIST.

Dan was interviewed by TERRY GROSS for the NPR program FRESH AIR, available to listen to here: 'The Beautiful Cure' Reveals The 'Profound' Power Of The Immune System

We’ve published 5 new papers recently:

  1. Davis D.M., How studying the immune system leads us to new medicines Lancet, 391, 2205-2206, (2018).
  2. Tordo J., O’Leary C., Antunes A., Palomar N, Aldrin-Kirk P., Basche M., Bennett A., D’Souza Z., Gleitz H., Godwin A., Holley R., Parker H., Liao A.Y., Rouse P., Youshani A.S., Dridi L., Martins C., Pshezhetsky A., Stacey K., Davis D.M., Dyer A., Björklund T., Ali R., Agbandje-McKenna M., Rahim A.A., Waddington S., Linden M., Bigger B., Henckaerts E. A novel adeno-associated virus capsid with enhanced neurotropism corrects a lysosomal transmembrane enzyme deficiency, Brain, 14, 2014-2031, (2018).
  3. Loftus C., Saeed M., Davis D.M.*, Dunlop I.E., Activation of human Natural Killer cells by graphene oxide-templated antibody nanoclusters, Nano Letters, 18, 3282-3289, (2018). *Corresponding authors.
  4. Srpan K., Ambrose A., Karampatzakis A., Saeed M., Cartwright A.N.R., Guldevall K., Dos Santos Cruz De Matos G., Önfelt B., Davis D.M., Unzipping the Natural Killer cell immune synapse by shedding CD16, J. Cell Biol, 17, 3267-3283, (2018).
  5. Walwyn-Brown K., Guldevall K., Pende D., Önfelt B., MacDonald A.S., Davis D.M., Human Natural Killer Cells Lyse Th2-polarising Dendritic Cells via NKp30 and DNAM-1, J. Immunol., (2018).

We went on our lab retreat to Llandudno, Wales. Here’s a photo of us on the beach!


Photographer MARTIN PARR visited our lab to take pictures for his exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. Here he is, with some of the lab team, at the opening of the exhibition:


The wonderful author BILL BRYSON (Notes from a Small Island; A Short History of Nearly Everything, One Summer) visited our lab.

April 2018

We have published this new paper:

Štefan Bálint, Filipa B. Lopes & Daniel M. Davis. A nanoscale reorganization of the IL-15 receptor is triggered by NKG2D in a ligand-dependent manner. Science Signaling, 2018.

These links, obtained directly from Science, allow you to read the full text and/or abstract of this article directly without going through the Member Login screen:

In other news:

Dan will give the John Maddox Lecture 2018 at The Hay Festival.

Dan will present The Beautiful Cure at The Bluedot Festival.

Dan spoke about the immune system on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, Radio 4’s Today program and Robin Ince’s podcast Book Shambles, among other places.

Dan’s book about the immune system, The Beautiful Cure, peaked at #4 in the charts of all books on Amazon (UK).

Dan will speak at New Scientist Live in September 2018, London.

February 2018

We published a new paper in collaboration with Alex Carisey, Emily Mace, Jordan Orange and colleagues here:
Nanoscale Dynamism of Actin Enables Secretory Function in Cytolytic Cells, Current Biology, 28, 4, 489-502, 2018.

The Beautiful Cure

Prof. Dan Davis’s book, The Beautiful Cure has received great reviews in The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, New Scientist, New Statesman, The Mail on Sunday and The Week, available online are here:

Other reviews, in The Week and The Mail on Sunday, are not currently available online. Adam Rutherford, writing in The Guardian, said it is ‘a terrific book by a consummate storyteller and scientific expert’.

Prof. Davis was interviewed by Eamonn Holmes on TalkRadio, and the book sparked a feature on Radio 4’s Today programme about the immune system (featuring many immunologists).

Eamonn and Dan in the studio at Radio 4.

Eamonn Holmes discussing the immune system with Prof. Dan Davis on TalkRadio.

Prof. Davis launched The Beautiful Cure on Feb 1st, to 380 people at The Royal Institution, London.

Prof. Davis launches his new book at The Royal Institution.

Prof. Davis launches his new book at The Royal Institution.

December 2017

We published this new paper with Konrad Krzewski at the NIH:
Gil-Krzewska A, Saeed MB, Oszmiana A, Fischer ER, Lagrue K, Gahl WA, Introne WJ, Coligan JE, Davis DM, Krzewski K. An actin cytoskeletal barrier inhibits lytic granule release from Natural Killer cells in Chediak-Higashi syndrome. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2017

The Times newspaper discussed our research: Thalidomide may help fight killer immune diseases

The University of Manchester discussed our recent research:Researchers bring new insight into devastating genetic disease

The NIH produced a video about our research with Konrad Krzewski: Immunology Advance: Understanding Immune Cell Defects in Chediak-Higashi Syndrome

PhD student Katie Walwyn-Brown and Dan Davis both gave talks about our research at the British Society of Immunology (BSI) Congress.

PhD student Katie Walwyn-Brown won a poster prize at the BSI.

Mezida Saeed and Katja Srpan both passed their PhDs! Examiners were Christoph Wulfing (Bristol), Dylan Owen (Kings College London), Tracy Hussell & Viki Allan (Manchester).

Dan will launch The Beautiful Cure at The Royal Institution, London, details here: The beautiful cure

September 2017

Welcome to new PhD students joining the lab this month: Karoliina Tuomela (Finland), funded by Cancer Research UK; Inés Díaz Del Olmo (Spain), funded by GSK; Alexandros Karampatzakis (Greece), funded by GSK, and Poppy Simmonds (UK), funded by the MRC.

Dan’s new book cover has just been designed.

NATURE published a feature article on membrane nanotubes, new cellular anatomy which we co-discovered.

Dan discusses membrane nanotubes in Nature’s Podcast.

Dan will feature in BBC2 TV’s The Human Body: Secrets of your Life Revealed, presented by Chris & Xand van Tulleken. Episode One will first air on BBC2 9pm Monday Sept 25th and Dan will appear in Episode Two, broadcast October 2nd. There is also an associated book, Secrets of the Human Body, by Chris & Xand van Tulleken with Andrew Cohen. An excerpt of this book is covered by The Mail.

May 2017

Our latest research is published in J Cell Biol: Membrane nanoclusters of FcγRI segregate from inhibitory SIRPα upon activation of human macrophages.

And there is a new commentary on it from Christian Eggeling and Simon Davis at Oxford University.

Also, our new paper in Frontiers in Immunology – about NATURAL KILLER CELLS - came out.

Dan will also chair several events at the upcoming Hay Festival, e.g. Redesigning Life, and the Royal Society’s discussion about Gene Technology.

January 2017

Dr Pippa Kennedy, a postdoc in our lab, presents a new podcast on ‘The Immune System and Happiness’, for Latitude Festival.

Dan features in an article in The Guardian about the immune system.

Marta Walczak visited us from Poland for 3 months working on membrane nanotubes, funded by the Erasmus exchange program.

Katie-Walwyn Brown, a PhD student in our lab, was short-listed for the MRC Max Perutz Science Writing Prize.

Mezida Saeed, another PhD student, presented her research at the American Society of Cell Biology Congress, and won a travel award to attend the meeting.

Our next research paper has been accepted for J. Cell Biol. and will be out next month.

Four videos from our lab

About doing a PhD

For A-level students

Two minutes on our research

On genes and immunity

May 2016

Our new research paper has just been published in CELL REPORTS

The Size of Activating and Inhibitory Killer Ig-like Receptor Nanoclusters Is Controlled by the Transmembrane Sequence and Affects Signaling

Anna Oszmiana, David J. Williamson, Shaun-Paul Cordoba, David J. Morgan, Philippa R. Kennedy, Kevin Stacey, Daniel M. Davis

Public Engagement

Dan is interviewed on this Genetics podcast from the Naked Scientists

Dan is doing this live event where school kids can ask questions live to panels of science experts, hosting the BIOLOGY event:

Dan is involved with 6 events at Hay Festival:

Mon, 30 May at 13:00 (with Kat Arney): Herding Hemingway’s Cats

Mon, 30 May at 16:00 (with Steve Jones): No Need for Geniuses:

Wed, 01 June at 16:00 (with John Heilbron): Physics: From Quintessence to Quarks

Wed, 01 June at 19:00 (with Richard Fortey): The Wood From the Trees

Thu, 02 June at 17:30 (with Jim Baggott): Origins

Fri, 03 June at 14:30 (with Oliver James); Not in our genes

On Fri June 10th, Dan will do this at Cheltenham Science Festival:

And Dan be feature on BBC Radio Wales Science Club, broadcast at 6:30pm May 24th, and available later on iPlayer.

April 2016

Charlotte Barthen with her PhD examiners Profs. Salim Khakoo and Tony Magee.

Charlotte Barthen passed her PhD on April 27th. Many congratulations!

Ania Oszmiana reads a congrats card from the lab.

Anna Oszmiana passed her PhD examination on April 14th 2016! Congrats Ania! She will continue her career working with Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti, in Australia.

Dan will chair 6 events at the Hay Festival.

Dan will present a discussion of the immune system at the Cheltenham Science Festival

February 2016

Postdoc positions

3 new postdoc positions available in super-resolution microscopy of immune cells.

Science Museum Lates

Dan will present The Compatibility Gene at the Science Museum, London, on Feb 24th:

Science Museum Lates


PhD student Katie Walwyn-Brown made a wonderful one minute video about our research.

January 2016

New funding:

Dan obtained a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award.

Recent papers published:

Lagrue K, Carisey A, Morgan DJ, Chopra R, Davis DM, Lenalidomide augments actin remodeling and lowers NK-cell activation thresholds. Blood 126, 50-60 (2015)

Cartwright A, Griggs J, Davis DM, The immune synapse clears and excludes molecules above a size threshold, Nature Communications, 5, 5479 (2014).

A new review of The Compatibility Gene.

Selected recent talks:

25th February 2015 – Love science event, Diversity day, Manchester

26th February 2015 – Insights Lecture, The Law Society, London

9th March 2015 – Bollington SciBar, Cheshire, UK

27-28th March 2015 – Dutch Society of Immunology, Lunteren, the Netherlands.

2nd – 6th May, 2015, NK cell Congress, SNI Meeting, Montebello, Quebec, Canada

13th May 2015 – Keynote talk, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences symposium, Manchester, UK

22nd - 29th May 2015 – Chair of 4 events, including Lord Martin Rees, Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK

2nd – 7th June 2015 –The Compatibility Gene and Science Question Time, Two events at the Cheltenham Science Festival, UK

7th -12th June, 2015 - FASEB SRC, Signal Transduction in the Immune System, Big Sky, Montana, USA

June 29th – July 2nd 2015 - Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015, Manchester, UK

6th October 2015 – Chemical and Physics Society, UCL

14th October 2015 - Collaborative research center on leukocyte trafficking, Munich, Germany

16th October 2015 – Inspiration Day: Being a scientist and an author, St. Anne’s Fulshaw Primary School, Wilmslow, UK

5-6th November 2015 - Vienna Biocenter (VBC) PhD symposium, Vienna, Austria

12th Dec 2015 – American Society of Cell Biology, San Diego, USA

Manchester Literary Festival

Dan and members of our lab also organised a wonderful event at the Manchester Literary Festival with Prof. Steven Pinker visiting from Harvard, attended by 550 people.

November 2014

Our lab has published a new research paper, The immune synapse clears and excludes molecules above a size threshold, in Nature Communications.

Our latest research is discussed for a general audience, including in a brief video, on the UoM website.

Dan also recorded a brief 4 minute video for A-level students, about genes, immunity and human diversity.

Our lab also went on a stimulating retreat in York. Take a look at the The Old Dancer pub in Wilmslow!

May/June 2014

Dan Davis has published a Commentary in Nature Review Immunology: Presenting the Marvels of Immunity.

Dan's book The Compatibility Gene was reviewed in Nature Medicine.

Dan presented The Compatibility Gene to 700 people at the Hay Festival.

Dan gives his talk at the Hay Festival Dan taking questions, alongside chairperson Liz Hunt, Deputy Editor of The Telegraph The audience arriving for The Compatibility Gene

Dan also published an article in BBC Focus magazine on 'Questions at the Frontier of Immunology.'

April 2014

Dan Davis presents a number of public lectures for The Compatibility Gene, as follows:

February 2014

Dan takes part in a TEDxYouth event.

December 2013/January 2014

NATURE published a discussion of Imaging, including our research.

NATURE published an article on writing popular science books - Dan Davis is Figure 3.

Our research features in the Top 100 Stories of 2013 in Discover magazine.

This collaborative paper was published in Blood.

There is a profile article about Dan Davis in the current Microscopy and Analysis.

Dan presented his research at the BSI - and chaired the session on imaging - and presented his work in a public event at Liverpool, Science Show Off.

Dan will speak at the Royal Institution, London.

November 2013

The Compatibility Gene was a Guardian Book of the Year 2013, picked by Bill Bryson.

We published 3 papers in November, as follows:

Aucher A, Rudnicka D, Davis DM. MicroRNAs Transfer from Human Macrophages to Hepato-Carcinoma Cells and Inhibit Proliferation. J Immunol. 2013 Nov 13.

Pageon SV, Aquino G, Lagrue K, Köhler K, Endres RG, Davis DM. Dynamics of natural killer cell receptor revealed by quantitative analysis of photoswitchable protein. Biophys J. 2013 Nov 5;105(9):1987-96. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2013.09.025.

Delcassian D, Depoil D, Rudnicka D, Liu M, Davis DM, Dustin ML, Dunlop IE. Nanoscale ligand spacing influences receptor triggering in T cells and NK cells. Nano Lett. 2013 Nov 13;13(11):5608-14.

and one review:

Lagrue K, Carisey A, Oszmiana A, Kennedy PR, Williamson DJ, Cartwright A, Barthen C, Davis DM. The central role of the cytoskeleton in mechanisms and functions of the NK cell immune synapse. Immunol Rev. 2013 Nov;256(1):203-21. doi: 10.1111/imr.12107.

Dan also did several talks in November, including a keynote speech at the AstraZeneca Science Symposium on Nov 6th, two lectures in Cambridge, and one in St. Anne's Fulshaw Primary school, Cheshire, on 'Your Amazing Blood'.

October 2013

The book The Compatibility Gene is out now in the UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The book has been widely acclaimed and a list of reviews are available. Other features, articles, TV and radio clips are here.

We also published the first super-resolution microscopy images of NK cell surface receptors. The paper is online and is discussed on The Faculty of Life Sciences'website.

Dan will discuss The Compatibility Gene at the Manchester Science Festival.

July 2013

We have just published a new research paper which uses super-resolution microscopy to look at - with the highest ever resolution - a human Natural Killer cell, one of our white blood cells. Here is the full paper.

It's also discussed on the Faculty of Life Sciences website and The University of Manchester's news and events section.

And you can also listen to Professor Davis discussing the paper on this podcast.

June 2013

Dan Davis has written a book entitled “The Compatibility Gene” which is published by Penguin in August. The cover picture and text are finalised June 27th! Find out more about The Compatibility Gene.

Also, our lab contributed to a technical paper about microscope development, and we co-authored a new review: Super-resolution microscopy of the immunological synapse

May 2013

Refurbishments to our new lab are complete and our super-resolution microscopes are switched on!

Dan Davis gives a talk at the opening of a new exhibition celebrating 100 years of the MRC. Details here: Strictly Science: keeping one step ahead

April 2013

The lab team relocate from London to Manchester! We also published a paper on how and why the anti-cancer drug Rituximab is effective at killing cells. The paper is available from Blood and is entitled “Rituximab causes a polarisation of B cells which augments its therapeutic function in NK cell-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity” by Rudnicka D et al. Follow this link to read the paper.

March 2013

MCCIR had its official launch at the Midland Hotel on March 11th. Dan Davis was among the many speakers at the event, which was a great success.

Jan 2013

Dan Davis relocates to Manchester!

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